"I wish I could sing. I wish I could play bass. I wish I had a band. Check out my blog of musical wishes.
Which btw is not about demons or tulle." Not all genres are expressed on this blog, but I'm never closed minded when it comes to music. Love what inspires you.
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Angus & Julia Stone

Can I take you home?
We can go anywhere you wanna go
Can I take you high?
Till the moon in the sky?
We can go as far as you wanna go…..

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The White Stripes,
B-Side Collection

the white stripes // a martyr for my love for you

I could stay awhile, but sooner or later I will break your smile….

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SilverSun Pickups,
Acoustic Set

silversun pickups // shadowplay (cover)

To the center of the city where all roads meet, waiting for you
To the depths of the ocean where all hopes sank, searching for you
Well, I was moving through the silence without motion, waiting for you
In a room without a window in the corner I found truth

Love my city! Thank you Bastille for this amazing live version of “Pompeii” in the Boston Common! Very intimate. So envious of the people that got to see it.

A real departure from anything else this band has produced, Submarine is a beautiful ballad with indie sensibilities. Once again, Stuart’s vocals induce - entirely effortlessly - an emotion from the listener that is not usually easily prized. A real gem of a track that may (hopefully) one day receive the full recording works in the studio.


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Trembling Hands (Acoustic) by The Temper Trap

Great song…..now even better.

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Our vocalist did an acoustic cover of “California Gurls”. Enjoy

Thank you for following! I love your acoustic version so much better! Look forward to hearing more from you guys! ( I only have about 58 people following me on twitter, but I will tweet the shit out of this song anyway!) -J

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Maps (Acoustic/Strings Version) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I had forgotten how much I love this song. I found the acoustic version today and I think that it’s just as good. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs don’t get enough play. -J

"Made off, Don’t stray, My kind’s your kind, I’ll stay the same….”

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Sleepyhead (piano acoustic) by Passion Pit

We dedicate this song to our little “Sleephead” friend whom we love so very much! -A & J

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Boxer Rebellion,
The Cold Still


Evacuate - Boxer Rebellion

“wait, when there’s nothing left to waste on a promise I can make”