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Which btw is not about demons or tulle." Not all genres are expressed on this blog, but I'm never closed minded when it comes to music. Love what inspires you.


I first heard the song “ Kurt Vonnegut” by this Boston based Indie band sitting at my computer after we had found each other on Twitter. I loved the energy of the song and the light, but still command of my attention. So I listened to more of them. I vowed that I would get them up on “Local Luv” soon. Sadly, I am so much later than I’d expected. One afternoon, again sitting at my computer streaming WFNX, when all of a sudden there was The Field Effect! I was so happy for them! So here is my small attempt to get them out to some new ears!-J


With a shared respect for well-crafted songs, The Field Effect packs a collective punch; spiked with introspective lyrics, infectious melodies, and ferocious rhythms. An antidote to the seemingly endless movement of aloof, lo-fi indie music, The Field Effect reclaims the genre with their passion for lyrical honesty, musical ability, and a fearless plight to make music for “the many” and not just “the few.” Since forming in 2011, The Field Effect has received rave reviews, for both their energetic live show and for their debut studio release.

TFE currently consists of 4 artists:

Doug Orey - Vocals/Guitar

Nick Greico - Guitar

Annie Hoffman - Bass

Adam J. Hand - Drums








Saturday - 1/12/13 

Middle East Upstairs w/Lannen, Letterday & The Fatal Flaw 

18+ Show Tickets: $10 


Great review by Michael Marotta at the Boston Phoenix:


“They’re young, they’re exciting, they’re incredibly talented; and in a city spilling over with amazing bands, they’ve got the potential to lead a new wave of Boston rock…their sound is massive but never overbearing, and they play it with boundless energy, delivering each note with a sense of pure joy.” – Richard Bouchard via The Phoenix

There was great momentum to their performance… and seemed to win the audience over in a big way” – Allston Pudding

“The album had a pull that kept me humming the hooks all day long… the album is fun, energetic, and heartfelt…” – The Deli Mag

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