I wish I could sing. I wish I could play bass. I wish I had a band. Check out my blog of musical wishes.
Which btw is not about demons or tulle.
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They say love ain’t nothing but a sore
I don’t even know what love is
Too many tears have had to fall
Don’t you know I’m so tired of it all
I have known terror dizzy spells
Finding out the secrets words won’t tell
Whatever it is it can’t be named
There’s a part of my world that’s fading away….

Boston Calling September is looking good!

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Arctic Monkeys,

The mixture hits you hard
Don’t get that sinking feeling, don’t fall apart
Some out of tune guitar
Soundtrack to disaster….

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I am crazy about this song, but this girl does an amazing cover of it.

The district sleeps alone tonight after the bars turn out their lights
And send the autos swerving into the loneliest evening
And I am finally seeing
Why I was the one worth leaving…

Forgot how much I love this song…..

I’m a happy girl hearing this remix.

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You Gotta Go There to Come Back

It wastes time
And I’d rather be high
Think I’ll walk me outside
And buy a rainbow smile
But be free
They’re all free…

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In the dead of night I’ll meet you in my sleep
And in the morning light you’ll wake up next to me
Like a dream come true I’ll take you where I roam
Then follow you back home

Tell me you care
Tell me you care

If I lose my way and forget what I need
Just remind me now of what you give to me
If you hold my hand and take me where you go
I’ll show you the sight that no one knows

I’m taking you there
I’m taking you there

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Queens of the Stone Age,
…Like Clockwork

Love this song!

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The Cinematics,
A Strange Education

Crazy about this song and haven’t listened to it in so long.

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Asobi Seksu,

I’ve been combing through some old songs in my library and came across this little gem.

Nothing like a good Bombay Bicycle remix to bring a smile to my face today.

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Bridges - Single

If I didn’t hide it
Would you still say you needed me?
Guess I walked right into it
Guess I made it too easy…

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Bear Hands
I know you love me
I am loving you more…

New Black Keys “Turn Blue” out on 5/13. I like this even more than Fever.